Azure DevOps - Hands On Labs

I’ve recently put together a couple of training labs / hackathon exercises. One is based on the .NET Core series of posts but updated slightly and made into more of a single logical flow, it also adds CI/CD to the process using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).
The basic premise behind both is the same; starting from scratch writing a web application and getting it deployed into Azure via VSTS. The second lab uses Node.js as the application stack instead of .NET Core, and deploys into Azure Linux Web Apps (rather than Docker Machine) via Docker containers.

These guides can be used a number of ways; run as a demo, given to people to run through at a hackathon or as a training exercise

Both guides are on GitHub

End to end DevOps exercise with .NET Core, Docker, VSTS in Azure

Hands on lab exercise for DevOps in Azure with OpenSource